24 April, 2018


Our second day in Novi Sad, when we have some time off to just walk, have a coffee, etc.
This city has that energy, I don't know how to explain it. But would like to come back on my own, to have more time to explore and just enjoy. 
I have been in Belgrade, as you may know, if you read my blog for so long, and even I liked the Belgrade a lot (and have a lot of great memories from that trip), Novi Sad is completely different. And if I would have to choose between those two cities, I would love to come back in Novi Sad :)

23 April, 2018


 Hey you :)
As I said, I was at latino party at Saturday and here are the photos from that night. The party was in Galery club in Zagreb. It was amazing and I have had a great time. Love that kind of parties and latino music.
I never had an opportunity to go to a dance school and to have a dance partner. But would definitely love to experience something like that.
Until then I will just enjoy dancing on latino music all by myself ;)


22 April, 2018


Hey you :)
Here are photos from Serbia when we went on a Petrovaradin fortress, on the first day as we were there.We didn't have a lot of time to just experience the energy there, to just relax and do everything in a slow motion. It was pretty much hectic. But it was beautiful. 

Anyway, yesterday was amazing. Photos from latino party I went will be up tomorrow. 
I'm going to sleep now cause I'm so tired and need to wake up tomorrow.

21 April, 2018


 Just my beautiful case. And my nails. Love this Opi nailpolish <3

 Today I'm going to latino party with my friend Nikolina. I realized I don't have anything latino so I went to buy something in a rush. This top is the best I could find in the last minute. You will see the full look soon ;)

 My fetish for capturing the sunset continue, hehe.

 Place where we took those beautiful photos the other day. Nature never dissappoints.

The Monday was rainy, so when I come home from Uni, I did myself a cup of coffee and watched the last four episode of The handmaid's tale. One of the best books and series I read/watched lately.