10 December, 2017


 Amazing evening last night. I love this kind of celebration where everything is on a top. Everyone was so elegant and sophisticated. My friend Nikolina is a Herbalife member. She started it this summer and she is an active member and changed her life a lot since then. Yesterday Herbalife had a Christmas gala dinner and I went with her. I really had an amazing time. So much laughter, good music, a lot of dance...and the food was amazing too. It needs to be mentioned, of course, haha. The cake was sooo delicious, with chocolate and cinnamon and the biscuit was with lemon, I think. A lot of combinations and so savory. 

 I remember working seasonal work for four years in a restaurant. Or working in a dressing room at this time of the year, for Christmas dinners. And I was always thinking - there will be a time when I will be on the other side. Now I can clearly see that this is starting to happen. I know there will be more and more dinners and pleasures in my life. I figure out that when you want something it seems like a long time to get that. But when it happens and when you look back, four years look like nothing. Because you enjoy in that present moment. And you are happy.

Everything I want, everything you want, will be accomplished. Where do we humans do mistakes? We should enjoy each and every moment in life, small ones, just breath and be. Not stressing out because that won't get you anywhere.
I am really happy and grateful that I had this opportunity to realized how I accomplished one more thing in my life.

01 December, 2017


Hey darlings!
Today I want to share with my favorite bloggers and YouTubers of all the time. Maybe you already know about them, but maybe not. Maybe I'll inspire someone out there with this post. If it so, I would be happy to the moon and back. :)

Kenza is first blogger I find out on Instagram. I didn't care about her blog at first because I didn't know much about bloggers at that time. It was about 5 years ago. But when I read it for the first time, it was like I discovered a treasure.
She has that something that hooks you up for her blog. It's probably because she is honest, she doesn't  fake anything, she does what she likes and she is herself. And she is good at what she's doing.
Her YouTube channel here.

And there's Angelica. Her blog is such an inspiration. She can mix together so many different styles in one and it looks so good. That's a talent, my friends. As I said, if you need an inspiration, there is Angelica's blog - every photo she takes have that something, that vibe, that bad ass style. She is so powerful in her known way.
Her YouTube channel here.

 Kristine.I follow her for about four years now. She went from a sweet, high school girl to a powerful, young lady. About a year ago, when she finished high school and moved from family home to Oslo, living on her own, she totally transformed. By that, I mean that she became more aware of herself and she doesn't care about what others think. If she feels like capturing herself naked, in a sesy way - she will do it. A lot of people will disapprove that, but she doesn't do it because of her lack of self-confidence. She does it because she HAS a self-confidence. And that's a big difference. WHY you do something is a key to ask yourself every time when you want to do something. Or when you see someone doing something you find akward or disapproving.
She also expresses her feelings out loud. She don' pretend anything. Also inspiring.
Her inspiration at the begging was Kenza. Haha, remembering when I read her blog from the beginning. :')

Mimi <3 I don't know where should I start and what should I write about her. Her whole life is a huge inspiration for me. Her story, how she become what she is today, how she accomplished all that.. Her's journey.. I watched every single video of her. She lives a beautiful, harmonious and meaningful life, she travels a lot, she is a #girlboss in a full meaning of that word. She is so successful. You can also watch her story in a London real episode.
She really touched my life and I don't want to talk too much because words can just ruin everything.

 Kristin Sundberg. I found out about her two years ago. Her blog is so inspirational in her own Swedish way. She is so into interior designs, so if you are crazy about the interior as me, you would like it. But also, you can find a lot of outfits, food recommendations, and a little bit of everything. She stopped writing on her blog but she start doing vlogs on her YouTube channel recently. But still, her blog is worth visiting.

Annie Jaffrey. I talked about her in my previous post. I read her whole blog this week and I follow her on her YouTube channel for a few months now.
How that I didn't know about her before??
She is so sophisticated and feminine.
By watching her videos you got so inspired to start doing something for yourself and your life.
Her skin, her hair, her nails, her style - worth watching and learning. Everything looks so perfect on her. And she's not just perfect from the outside but from the inside as well. She's also into books and quotes, yoga, positivity, and calmness. I see myself in her.

Well, that's it for today. That's my top six favorite girls that come to my mind and have a positive impact on my life. I hope you like it.


25 November, 2017


What I like to do when I found someone so inspiring who I really like, mostly in bloggers or YouTubers world, is that I start to read from the beginning. There's no such thing like find someone so inspiring, that lifts you up.
I found one quote today while reading Annie's blog which she finds
inspiring than. I wanted to share it with you.

“Be ready when opportunities present themselves. Throw yourself into your career with passion… embrace the challenges presented to you; ask the question that everyone is afraid to ask; be bold and be comfortable being wrong. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, keeping your two feet planted firmly on the ground. And remember, life does not owe you a living, you have to actively live your life."
- Alan Ennis, CEO of Revlon

While reading her blog, from 5/6 years ago, I got so motivated and so many ideas just popped out in my head. I have that feeling that everything will be okej. I'm happy.

Are you like me and love reading someone's old blogs, or watching old videos just because you find it inspiring and motivating?


24 November, 2017


Hello, sweeties!
This week is amazingly warm. Like it's not the end of November, hahah. But I don't complain.
One exam passed, yeeey. I just got the results about an hour ago. Today I spent a lot of time searching for the materials for next week presentation. I feel so useless during this time of exams, because, of course, I spend a lot of time studying for it and so on. It's probably because it's not something I consider so important, I mean, the uni, and everything that comes with that. I already talked about that. But I really fell in that state of anxiety. One day I feel great, the next day I feel like a crap. One day, it all has sense, the next day I ask myself if there's any sense. And that continues.

Here I have some the photos I find inspiring. What I'm doing is when I find something that inspires and motivates me, and something I would like for myself, I save that. That's my goals.
Look at those gorgeous flowers. Most of the photos are from this girl, Annie Jeffrey. She is so amazing, so sophisticated and elegant. When I'm looking her Instagram profile or YT channel, I have feeling like I can do anything. She is just my kind of girl.

There are also a lot of photos of Christmas. I really want to have everything nicely decorated. While looking at those pictures, I can feel coziness, warmth, happiness. I'm looking forward to having my own place, living with my boyfriend (I don't have him right now, haha), creating our own life full of love, peace and support. Lovely!

At the end, there's a lot of different photos. Look at this gorgeous, big mirror. Wild love. Dogs and cats. Fabulous dresses. Delicious breakfasts. Traveling. Just enjoying the life. That's the reason why we are here, on Earth, as humans.

Enjoy the rest of the evening and the weekend. Xx