21 October, 2017


You know whats bothering me? When I have too many wishes, too many ideas, a lot of inspiration, a lot of things I want to buy, to have, to wear. Okey, I just need to stop and breathe...I will achieve everything, one by one...Or I won't be interesting in it anymore. I didn't meditate for several days now and I definitely see the difference when I meditate a few days in a row and when I stop. The days when I'm meditating are so peaceful, calming, everything just fits in its place. And when I stop, like what happened now, I have the feeling like I stays behind and I won't do and achieve everything I want to. I'm still trying to adjust to meditate every day. I'm kinda new in that. But I just can say that it works and it's the best prescription you can give to others.

20 October, 2017


I did this decoration back in August because the end of August and almost whole September were pretty shitty, hahaha. Besides, I really love fall and I kinda hurry it up in my mind every year. 

September was (is) amazing! Warm weather every day, leaves are falling, the smell of fall is in the air. 
Today I was cycling, the day was a bit windy and it was soo warm, that you could wore short sleeves. When I was passing by that big tree, the leaves were started to fall to the ground, drifted by the wind. It was a miracle moment for me. 

I'm really enjoying this fall time. How about you?

18 October, 2017


Hello Sunshine's!

Today is (was) wonderful day!
Do you remember when I said in one of my previous posts that soon, I will get a new mobile phone for myself? Well, I thought it would be around Christmas time when I could get it for some great price. But it happened today. And it couldn't turn out better. 
That was my positive vibes and high energy which brought me that perfect gift in unexpected time. How I got it is still unknown for me. I just came in the store in one second and in the other I was already talking to a seller in his office and voila. I have a new phone, with a tariff I couldn't even think off, for an excellent price. It all happened so fast and I can't explained it logically. But why should I even try it? I should just enjoyed it and take a good photos ;) 
I bought Huawei P9lite.
Oh, if you are wondering, why it's not Iphone...I give up. Hahaha. Simple as that.

12 October, 2017


My friend Nikolina (yes we both have same names, haha) just graduate today. So I just did some stuff in the morning before we went to Zagreb. For example, bought her flowers, hahah :))
Today's day I  just devoted to my dear friends. Later we went to coffee, and after that, we came back to Karlovac and went on pancakes. She needed to came back and work afternoon shift so we just spent some more time with her. It was pretty cool and cozy. I love moments like that :)

 When I came home about 6 pm, I took shower and did some cleaning to make my space clean. Is there anyone else here who's enjoying cleaning? hahah...Okey, after that I did some yoga. I really love that moments when I do something for myself. Everyone should do that for sure, without exception :)

Well, that was my day. How was yours? :)