29 November, 2015

Fall in love (with you life)


Hey you!
I'm pretty much done with redecorating my room but not 100% satisfied how it turned out. You know that feeling when something is missing?  But I will probably show you  some parts.:)
And also, I hope I could post some outfit post soon, I'm missing that, really.

Hej ti!
Gotova sam s preuređivanjem sobe, ali nisam 100% zadovoljna kako je ispalo. Znate onaj osjećaj kada nešto nedostaje? Ali ću vam uskoro pokazati neke djelove. :)
I također se nadam da će uskoro biti neki outfit post. Fali mi slikanje i postavljanje takvih postova.


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  2. i love this post..love your hat...