Hello you! Today I have DIY project and I hope you would liked it. It's very easy and cheap to make which is a big plus. Let's get started :)

All you will need is:
  •  ribbon in a color you prefer - I choose a nude one
  • clasp
  • thread ( I used a white cause I didn't have a nude one but it works just fine)

  Then you take a one end of the ribbon and first peace of the clasp and do just like I did on the picture above. You must sew it, like on picture below. 

      At this point, you will need help to measure how much tape you will need for your neck so you can do the same job on the other side. Or you can measure your neck with the meter first and then cut ribbon by that measurements, It's up to you.  

 Here is my final result! 

How do you like it? Was it helpful? Tell me in a comments below! :)


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