Hey sweethearts!  I've collected some photos from my phone and now it's time to show them to you, right? Hope you like them.

So tomorrow, I have my last exam in the second semester before the next year at the Universe start. And it's exam of the law. It's not I couldn't pass it a long before but I start working and it was too much for me so I just postpone it. I hope I will pass it. Honestly, I can't look at the papers anymore. All I want is enjoy in the last warm sunny days and play with my little cutie witch is on this last pic (not the cactus), haha.


  1. Amazing photos. Good luck on your exam.

  2. follow me and i will back

  3. Odlican post, pratim te preko GFC-a, nadam se da ces uzvratiti! Predobre su farmerke! ♥

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