So, I already told you I took a lot of photos even I didn't post regularly here on blog. And now I want to share with you some of the moments, heheh :)
First of all, we had quite really beautiful sunsets here. I just love capturing sky at it's best.

I was at Interliber. It's  book fair which last a couple of days every year and there you can find a book for a cheaper price. Except Zorana's book, I bought it in Belgrade :)

 This coloring book for adults is awesome, hahah. It's really good for relaxation. 

  Oh, I had so long nails. And than this happened. Goodbye long nails :(
But they will grow again ;)
 I was painting my rooms in white. Oh, how I love it. How sterile and bright everything is now :)) So I had a lot of cleaning and putting everything on their place. But I will show you more in some of the next posts.

ANDDD, I was in Belgrade for three days, but more about that in next post :)

Later, Xx


  1. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! I live in Belgrade, happy that you have visited our city ;)


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