Hello my lovely ones!
Lately, I've been thinking about starting a blogging again. I don't know how to describe that and what to say, but I can see myself doing that everyday. Taking photos, editing them, writing etc. I have a lot to share with you and a couple of outfits too. I have a lot of ideas to write about. So I decided to start writing again, but more like my online diary, haha. If that have since. So that I can come some time in the future and see what I have been like, what I liked at the moment, what I read, what I wear, what I was thinking about, what made me happy and to see my progress. Also, to inspire you (if you think that something about me is interesting, ofc, haha ;) But I will do it for fun. 

What have been bothering me is the quality of my photos. I consider myself as a perfectionists so the bad photos are big NO-NO. Specially today when there is a lot of people out there who's been doing the same thing as me. But I don't have a good camera at the moment and all photos are taken with my phone camera (or a phone of my friends, cause my phone fell and camera broke). I know I will have a new phone soon because I really need it. And I also know that something will come up and I will have a great camera which take even better photos! Everything will fall into place in a right time. Just trust the process :)

Okey, normally I don't like to write a lot in my posts, but it just felt great to write everything down. Just like in my previous post where I felt overwhelmed with fashion.

I think I will post regularly now. I did a list of all ideas for writing, all photos and everything I need to do, so today I did a lot of that things from the list and I have ready some posts for the week now.

What else can I say?  Stay tuned for more, haha :)


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