Today is just one of these days when I feel blah.
And I have this feeling where I can't figure out what really is going on. I even don't have a proper word to express how I feel.

First, what happened in the morning... some cat came to my doorstep, all stinking. Right before that, some dog hurt him (his back legs and tail). I gave him food to eat and he left later. I don't know where he comes from, I never saw him before.
I feel really sad because a lot of people just don't care about animals. "What, it's a cat.", or dog. And that's not okey.
I run out of a coffee creamer. Now my coffee is tasteless. I have friends, but sometimes I feel alone. I did something for Uni all afternoon, but I feel like it's half-way. What will I eat tomorrow in the morning, before going to Uni? Now is dark outside around 6 pm. That's not the thing that bothers me normally, but know it does. It's okey to have days like this. It's normal. It's a crap.

At least, my picture is nice.