Hello Sunshine's!

Today is (was) wonderful day!
Do you remember when I said in one of my previous posts that soon, I will get a new mobile phone for myself? Well, I thought it would be around Christmas time when I could get it for some great price. But it happened today. And it couldn't turn out better. 
That was my positive vibes and high energy which brought me that perfect gift in unexpected time. How I got it is still unknown for me. I just came in the store in one second and in the other I was already talking to a seller in his office and voila. I have a new phone, with a tariff I couldn't even think off, for an excellent price. It all happened so fast and I can't explained it logically. But why should I even try it? I should just enjoyed it and take a good photos ;) 
I bought Huawei P9lite.
Oh, if you are wondering, why it's not Iphone...I give up. Hahaha. Simple as that.


  1. Beautiful! Love this casual outfit and your yellow Tee is great!



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