When I think about blogging and bloggers, and me as a blogger, I see myself writing and expressing my feelings, taking photos of what I wear, what I do and possibly inspire you. I really, really want to inspire and motivate people. I think it's my life mission, haha. To do something inspiring and motivating. A few days ago, I listened to a Jim Rhon's video in which he says that people love seeing strong people, people with a strong mission and goals, people who are focused on achieving their goals, people who are consistent in what they do. That's a type of a person that others want to see, to follow and to be inspired with. That's a type of a person who works on itself every day, who is physically strong enough and have a clear vision in mind. That's a type of a person others want to see. And something in me just screamed YESSS!

What is going around my mind is what if people are already bored with bloggers? What people really
want to see? I love following some bloggers who express their thoughts, shares parts of their lives with the audience, who simply touches you. And as I wrote above, who have that something that makes you follow them regularly. Who are some kind of a leader that motivates and inspires you.

What you need to accomplish is to be unique in some way. And that is bothering me. Will people see that in me? Maybe I should think less about that and just be me. Maybe I should just focus on my goal to inspire and motivate and to express myself in a way that is suitable for me. Actually, it's not maybe, it's definitely the way I should do it. 

Just focus on your goals. That's the only way to succeed.
I think there's a huge difference between being inspired by someone and that inspiration combine with your attitude. That's still you. And when you take inspiration from someone but actually copy them. That can be seen to. But that's just my opinion and my thoughts.

What do you think about anything I just said?


  1. I really hope people aren't getting bored of bloggers! I feel the same way you do - I really want to motivate and inspire people and hope that one day I can

    Steph -


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