My friend Nikolina (yes we both have same names, haha) just graduate today. So I just did some stuff in the morning before we went to Zagreb. For example, bought her flowers, hahah :))
Today's day I  just devoted to my dear friends. Later we went to coffee, and after that, we came back to Karlovac and went on pancakes. She needed to came back and work afternoon shift so we just spent some more time with her. It was pretty cool and cozy. I love moments like that :)

 When I came home about 6 pm, I took shower and did some cleaning to make my space clean. Is there anyone else here who's enjoying cleaning? hahah...Okey, after that I did some yoga. I really love that moments when I do something for myself. Everyone should do that for sure, without exception :)

Well, that was my day. How was yours? :)


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  3. My day was also great. I am following you dear and I hope you follow back 😊


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