Here are some of the things I captured  in the last month. For example, I went with my friends to the old town Ozalj. Here in my country you can find a lot of old castles from 12. or 13. century. That day was amazing. So much laugh, great food, amazing weather and the company. They are my partners in crime, haha :) Anyway, the best thing for me that day was when we drove for about half an hour from Ozalj to another place where we picked up another friend. Almost all the way, we drove near forest and river. It was the late afternoon and the sun started shining. You can imagine that epic scenery when everything was agleam by the sun. And you drove all the way across. It was magical.
I really started enjoying small and simple things like this. They are priceless.

 Lush did it to us again! haha
I went with my other friend Sabina and some other girls in the cinema to watch It. For me it was pretty scary, I don't know about you.

Here I'm, enjoying my afternoon coffee. Love this place, it's near river and it's so quiet and soo cute arranged - both, outside and inside. Now I see I didn't took any photos with my friend Ana. Ups! But I know there will be a lot of them trough this year, there's no need to worry, haha :)

As you can see, I LOVE nature, I love spending as much time as I can in the nature and just BE. 
That's something I'm working on myself trough last year, I would say. 
That's one more reason why I started blogging and why I think I would do it more regularly, because I would see my progress. Also, now I see things differently than I used to. I'm becoming more myself and less caring what and how others do and how it "should" be done. I want start to write for myself, at first place. I think when you're doing something you like and from your heart, it touches everyone else and than you can feel like you made it.  If you know what I mean. 
I will become better in my English too. I'm aware that I have some mistakes in the texts, so I see all of this like my personal development. It's not that I don't know English, it's just not my first language and I need to work on it. 

I think it's enough for today. I woke up early in the morning. My first day of the Uni is over, and I'm not feeling so well today, but I'm grateful that is just a flu. 
Enjoying delicious tea while I'm typing this. Frozen berries with hot water and honey, mmm. 
Good night! :))