I'm like a little kid. Found out this cool effects and now playing with them. Every photo is different, hahah.

Anyway, today I got my phone case I mentioned in one of my previous posts. And I was so happy all day, couldn't wait to come home from Uni to open it. And then...
I have Huawei P9 lite 2017. And that is the latest version. There is also Huawei P9 lite, but without that 2017, it's the oldest version. And I didn't notice it when I was buying my case. I mean, who will notice little difference while looking at all that gorgeous cases? Btw, on their site, there is just one option so I didn't pay attention to it. I want to say that there is just the case for oldest version, but not for the newest, what's a pretty shitty because they have case shapes for every possible phone and it's versions. Now I feel sad and guilty 'cause I wasn't careful enough. 

Everything happens for some reason. Maybe we don't see it immediately, but eventually, if we look more carefully, we will find out. If we have positive minds, we know that every bad situation leads to something even better.  We will see what will turn out from this.


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