The last couple of days was pretty shitty for me. Sometimes, even I work on myself, I feel down. I think that happens much more to everyone from time to time. When you feel like you don't do the best you can, that others are better than you, that no matter how much you do you're not moving forward.

And then I think how badly I need some change. But then again, changes are happening every day. Every single day! How many changes do I need to start feeling better?

Why do I think someone is better than me? Why would anyone think that he or she is better than the others? Why do we care so much about the numbers of followers? Why do we try to be "perfect"? What is the measuring unit for perfection? Aren't we all unique? Why do we care what others think about us? Why we always compare ourselves to others? If you do something you love, if that excites you, if you do it persistently, you will succeed. The more we have, the more time we're spending trying to be perfect, not just to enjoy the life.

Changes are happening daily. Are we wise enough to see it or we drowning in irrelevant thoughts?
Changes are happening daily. Maybe you don't see it yet but turn back from time to time just to see how far you already came. You will be amazed.
Changes are happening daily, more smaller changes make a big one.


  1. Uh, svaka cast na ovakav post. <3 Prelijepo...
    Zapratila sam te i vidim da si nova, isto je i kod mene, pa ako zelis uzvrati nazad! <3


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