Hello my dears, 

What's your opinion on Monday's? Are you one of that person who hates it or loves it? I, personally love Mondays, like the rest of the days. I just enjoy every day. Sometimes I don't even know what the day is so I need to stop and check, seriously. hahaha. Okey, sorry if you are the opposite of me and I'm looking silly to you right now, hahah.
Anyway, today was a rainy day. This is one of the outfits I have that I didn't post until now. I have enough photos that are still waiting for me to post it. How's that even possible? I don't know. But they are a week old, so it's not too bad, right? hahha
Right now, I ordered my new case for my new mobile. I told you I got a new mobile because I desperately needed one. I was thinking about writing a post tomorrow with my favorite cases from MyCase. And I like that idea. I think I should do it. When you really want something, you should surround yourself with that. Of course, that doesn't need to be just material stuff. It can be whatever you want to accomplish and achieve. ;))


  1. Love this casual look and your scarf looks amazing!

  2. Such a nice cozy look! Have a great day.

    Gemma x

  3. You look so super cozy! I kind of like Monday's too, but not a huge fan of Tuesdays - random, I know xx

  4. I absolutely adore that scarf! The colors are so good together and it pops so beautifully against that yellow knit you've layered under. Great styling, babe, and thanks so much for sharing!



  5. Love your post dear ♥
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