Today I spent an amazing day with my friend Ana. We went to Zagreb. Just chilling, walking around, taking some photos and laugh. I really need that. I try to see positive in everything but, to be honest, Universe takes a lot of energy from me. Sitting all day at the lectures is exhausting. Although we have lectures for only three days, they last from morning till evening, without any proper rest between. Also, I'm that type of a person who finds it really boring, just sitting, I get bored after ten minutes od lecturing, haha. I never liked that. I love to do a presentation for example. But all that stuff where you should study theory and be present during lectures - I kinda fail in that. I try to be organized and take notes and all that. That's just something I don't find myself in it. I'm in my last year and I'm going to finish it because I can't imagine myself quitting now. After that, I know I will go in different direction. Also, I do my blog, I decided to make a snowman and sell it, now it comes the time for exams and presentations...I found myself worrying how will I make it all and feel a little bit of stress. I want to work on myself, reading books, do some yoga...You know, that's a lot of things I want to do and when I don't make it all in one day, every day, I have a pressure like I don't do it right and how I should be more organized and all that, but at the end I know I should take it slow. Sometimes I just forget to enjoy and take things too seriously. Breathe in, breathe out. When I try to see my life from objective side, I think I'm a pretty good. I know to be too harsh on myself.That's why I take one day for myself and just enjoyed. We went to Vincek, a famous cake shop, and in a Museum of broken relationships. You will see more photos of that tomorrow. And my outfit ofc.


  1. Your time with Ana in Zagreb looks like it was wonderful and very interesting! Those deserts served with the tea look delicious! The museum of broken relationships looks interesting. Best wishes on your tear at university, and kudos on realising it's best to breath, take it slow and appreciate life. You and Ana look happy in that selfie - she looks like a fun friend.


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