What I like to do when I found someone so inspiring who I really like, mostly in bloggers or YouTubers world, is that I start to read from the beginning. There's no such thing like find someone so inspiring, that lifts you up.
I found one quote today while reading Annie's blog which she finds
inspiring than. I wanted to share it with you.

“Be ready when opportunities present themselves. Throw yourself into your career with passion… embrace the challenges presented to you; ask the question that everyone is afraid to ask; be bold and be comfortable being wrong. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, keeping your two feet planted firmly on the ground. And remember, life does not owe you a living, you have to actively live your life."
- Alan Ennis, CEO of Revlon

While reading her blog, from 5/6 years ago, I got so motivated and so many ideas just popped out in my head. I have that feeling that everything will be okej. I'm happy.

Are you like me and love reading someone's old blogs, or watching old videos just because you find it inspiring and motivating?



  1. This quote is so true and a great reminder when things get difficult. It's the perfect inspo!

  2. You look super stunning! Love this!

  3. I sometimes do the same. There inspiration in seeing some growth. Nice post!

  4. Very beautiful blog and combination. I like it, great post.

    Follow for follow? :)

  5. woow prelepa :**

  6. Great words and I love the scarf! Have a lovely day and rest of your week.

    Gemma x

  7. Love this quote! I do love reading people's old blog posts because sometimes that's when they were at their most creative xx

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