Happy Wednesday my friends,
You know when I told you about a week ago that I ordered a wrong case for my m
obile from My Case? Well, I contact them to ask if they have the case for my mobile because, on their page, there were cases for many other phones but not for mine. They ask me if I have the Huawei P9 Lite 2017, I said yes and that was it. A few hours later, a got an email with the notification that my package was sent by post. I wasn't sure, but I was guessing they sent me a new case, but this time the right one. So today, 8 days later, I got my new case. I didn't pay anything because that was sent as a complaint.
I'm so happy that everything went well, that I finally got my case and how nice they were to me. Also, courier service "DDP", that transports the packages is also very well organized. They sent you a message the day before and on the day of receiving a package and they inform you when they
will come. Also, the carrier calls you to ask if anybody is home to receive the package.
I'm so grateful how organized everything is today. You don't need to worry about anything and you are informed about every single step.
So, If anyone is wandering and wanting to order a case from them, you should definitely do it.
About the outfit, I took those photos about a month ago. Love this place. Definitely will take some more photos there. I bought this sweatshirt also about a month ago in P&B. It's so cozy and warm. And classic black. But with wide sleeves.
Hope you like it. Xx


  1. Looks like a great place! Love your outfit! Gemma x

  2. Love this look ! And the place looks amazing ! xx

  3. That sounds like such great customer service, I'm glad you were able to get the right case the second time around! As for your outfit, I'm really loving that coat, it's so stylish! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great day!



  4. I'm so glad you got the right case in the end! It really makes such a difference when a company delivers good customer service

    Steph -

  5. Glad everything worked out for you. I love the Eerie Scenery.

  6. I lovee the moody weather in these photos. I wish LA could get chilly weather like this so I can actually wear cute winter wear.


    1. Well, that is a bad side of LA. I love having four seasons. Thank you :)

  7. Love the coat you are wearing Nikolina!! It looks so chic!

    I'm happy you received the right case for your phone, it always feels great when you receive good customer service :)

    Have a great weekend!


    Seize your Style


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