Yesterday was an amazing day.  I wanna share here, with you, some photos. I went to books fair with my friend. When we come there, we found this amazing place to take some photos. I will post more pics tomorrow.

The crowd was insane. The main reason we went yesterday is that our motivational speaker, Ana Bučević, was there from 10 to 12 am. She was giving her signature on her books. A lot of you, from our regions and near countries will know who I'm talking about. We were waiting there for whole two hours, standing so close to come to her, took some photos and got her signature. But, we catch her signature at the very end, when she just went around to do it. And that's fine. That is just an example how things work. We were so close, but maybe just wasn't time to speak words or two with her. Maybe something even better is waiting for us. I'm sure it is. Maybe someone needed that meeting with her more than my friend and me. And I'm definitely happy how everything turned out. But after that, we were so tired and was so crowded there we didn't have will to stay so long a search for the books. I bought Ana's book because I didn't have a chance to buy it this summer when it's released. One more book for myself from Jim Rhon and one for my friend for her birthday, it's called "The richest man in Babylon". Definitely worth reading.

 After Interliber, I went home and then with my mum and her friend went again. We went shopping. Actually, I did it alone, separated from them, hahaa. I bought some great stuff, you will see ;) And then we went to a Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious. We ate tortillas with chicken, cheese, vegetables and chilly sauce. And the interior and atmosphere were nice too. I had a really great time. 

When we come from Zagreb, I went directly to my friend birthday. I didn't take any photos because there were people I didn't know before and ofc I won't force them to take pics, hahah, and it was more private so, you know.. hahah But it was wonderful, we drunk, ate nibbles, listened to good music, talked. Cozy. 

Today I woke up around 10 am. And spent the day mostly like this...

Doing some stuff for Uni, put a face mask on and coconut oil on my hair and leave it until the evening, haha. Pretty cozy, I would say.

How did you spend your weekend?


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