Hello :) After about two weeks I didn't write, I think it's time for some proper post. I'm really busy girl right now but I managed to write this post because if I want to show you this, it's now or never. Or next year. hahah Nahh. 
This is really easy diy project, very cheap and fast to make. And I think it's excellent for Christmas decoration, as a gift etc. 

To make a one snowman, you just need:
  •  one fluffy, white sock, 
  •  a rice,
  •  thread, 
  • I also recommend a nylons to make it firmer, 
  •  and decorations. 
I won't  explain it too much because I think you can understand everything from photos and gifs I do to make it easier to unerstand.

 Here, you need to turn sock on the other side and lace it up at one side.  The best to do it on the side where heel should be. And when you do that, turn it bac again. You will see that in next two photos.

Next - put the nylon sock inside and fill it with rice. You will see how much rice you will need, it depends on the socks size and big snowman you want to make.

After filling the sock with the rice, lace up both socks.

Next step...
And at the end, just put the other part of sock, from the begining, as a hat.

And that's it. How you will decorate it, it's up to you. 
Here's some of mine examples. This year I bought some decorations because I decided to sell them. 
And scarf  I did from the wool. My mum teach me how to crochet, haha. 



  1. Omg, they are so cute! Have to try out this DIY!


  2. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  3. Those little snowmen look super cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing this DYI!

    Wish you a Merry Christmas!!


    Seize your Style

  4. Super diy snjegovici su preslatki.

    Pogledaj moj blog.

  5. So lovely<3
    We wish you a lovely day.

  6. Omg this is sooooo cute!!!

  7. How adorable are these?! You are so talented!


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  9. Jaoooooo, ovo je preslatko! Moram da nabavim čarape od kojih ću moći da ih napravim! <3

  10. Such a great DIY! They are so cute.

    Gemma x

  11. hiiii ,..
    your post is very wonderful and so useful,i really like.
    thank you so much dear.....


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