Hello there. I wasn't posting anything through the January because there were exams to solve and I worked on weekends at the same time. I didn't want to overwhelm myself because this should be the fun part of my life, not stress. Even my year goal is to write more and make more content here on the blog, which I hope I would do.

One of my wishes, from material side, was this beautiful Adidas Iniki sneakers. I was hunting them from last summer. Even I wanted the pink ones with blue stripes, I got these. When I was doing my vision board about two months ago or so, I put these ones on the board. And when I was looking for them to buy, everywhere was only these ones. Crazy right? I got them on sale. It was really hard to find them, but as you can see I got them on Luisaviaroma site. 

I don't love shop online. I'm not used to. But I knew which size I needed and it was easier and safer for me, haha. I really have a great experience with this site. They don't have a shipping, at least they don't have for Croatia. The package came fast, in a week and it came in this beautiful black box. That's why I want to share these pics with you.
And the sneakers are soooo comfortable. Can't wait to wear them. You know when you can imagine how to pair something with other pieces? Well, that was happening to me for half a year. I could saw these sneakers with lots of combinations.
As you can see, I already tried them with some new pieces I bought for this spring/summer. These pants are from Pull&Bear, find them on sale and this tee is from Bersha's new collection.


  1. Love your look<3
    thank you for sharing
    we wish you a lovely day.

  2. Love the color shoes :) So cute!


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