What a beutiful start of the day I had. I woke up at 7 am. That's one of my goals, to wake up early every morning. Now is 7 am, but I will definitely move the boundaries. And I did some workout for legs and booty. I'm not a type of a person who likes workouts, but this is a session which Mimi posted on her YT channel and I noticed some cellulite on my booty last night. So I said to myself: "You are gonna do some workouts for that". 

So, now, here I am, I feel great after that. You know, when you accomplish something you set a day before. After, I took a nice shower and had a breakfast while watching Annie's new video. (I did a separate post about my favorite Bloggers/Youtubers here).
Now I'm going to get ready for work. Do my smoothie and something else I will bring to job.