I did some shopping for my room. Bought new blankets for my couch. 
Do you know that feeling when you see something and you know that's it? For example, I've been looking for new blankets for a while now but couldn't find any I would like so much. But then I saw this one in a supermarket. Yes, in a supermarket, nothing fancy. They were big enough and I had that feeling like that's it. And really, I like how it turned out.
And I had a combination in my head with this fluffy blanket (the one in the corner of my couch) and I went to look in one store which has a lot of this decoration things. This one was the only one, on sale! I bet it was waiting just for me, haha.

I forgot to take a photo before and I just have this one after posting it on my Insta story, with this Done letters. But I think it's pretty good though, hahah.

Oh, and a new backpack, I can wear it in every season. Like it so, so much <3