My new bag which I can't wait to wear and book I can't wait to read ;)

 Me in a process of making a vision board.

 How beautiful it is when the rays of sun lighten up the rooms? :)

 This is how my mornings look sometimes. I do myself a brekky and sit in front of my vision board and just visual how I want my future to look like.
And this is how my days ends. On a Saturday night's too, hahah ;)

This coffee <3

What were you doing today? I wake up too late for my standards. About 9:15 am. I'm trying to wake up around 7, for start, and than push my limits to earlier and earlier.
However, I did some cleaning around the house. After that went to coffee with my friend. I didn't do everything I planned, but I will do everything tomorrow.
And I will show you better photos of this beauty from the first photo as well. :)


  1. lovely post & lovely sharing dear i like it, best wishes for you.. online shopping in pakistan

  2. You have such a great aesthetic! You have a great eye for styling - love your vision boards xx

    1. Thank you. It means so much that you like my work :)

  3. ahhhh.. vision boards are the same.. have one giant one in front of me right now :) so inspiring!

    x Lisa |


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