Hello my sunshines :)
Last night I woke up around 3:30 am and couldn't sleep. So I thought I won't be able to sleep after that, my eyes were wide opened, like an owl. I torture myself so fall asleep again for some time, but nothing. So I decided to continue on with my day, like an early bird. And then I fall back to sleep while I was meditating. When I woke up later in the morning, I didn't know where am I. Well...
But, that didn't ruin my day. There are a lot of things I'm grateful for today.
  1. You know how I love cappuccino (or Nescafe - don't know what's the appropriate word) and there's nothing better when you got the most delicious one in a glass cup. Thrilled!
  2. I went to buy myself beautiful tulips after Uni. And guess what, I got them on a 50% discount. What a happiness. I'm talking about artificial flowers, but they look so real and fresh. You will see them tomorrow. :)
  3. I had a chance to take walk while the sun was shining. 
  4.  Oh, I wear my new backpack for the first time today. There's something special, wearing something new for the first few times :)
  5. I found a note in my mailbox that my books came. Can't wait for tomorrow to pick them up.
  6. There's nothing better but when the sun shines and the lightning are so good. That you can take best photos for your Insta/blog.  
That's what I'm grateful for today and how I spent my day. 
Hope you like my outfit. It definitely feels like spring, but still, it was a bit chilly today. I like it anyway :) Happy to finally wear my new Adidas Iniki. And this scarf, I basically live in it, haha.
How was your day?