It's 1:10 in the morning. Rain is pouring down. Love hearing it.
I have started watching The handmade's tale series. It's brutal.Watched it until now. But I can't sleep so I decided to write a post. The main question is - who's gonna wake up in the morning instead of me?
The candles are burning. Love the atmosphere they make.
I'm going to Novi Sad, Serbia this weekend. I'm pretty excited about that. Can't wait for new experiences. Also a new photos. Maybe some new knowledge.
Every day, I'm a one step closer to all my wishes turning into a reality.
What a great life it will be. 
Next week is my birthday. Wednesday. 22 years old.
I have that feeling like I won't do everything I want to do in the morning cause I won't be able to get up. It nerves me.
I ate three rows of chocolate while watching the series. It nerves me to. How to be more disciplined when it comes to eating more healthy, not touching my face, do things for my mental growth in general? 
I always end up on analyzing things in my head instead of just letting it be.
I will try to go sleep now. 
Bye, bye :)