Hey you :)
Yesterday my friends and I went to this beautiful castle in a place called Bosiljevo. Unfortunately, the main doors were locked and we couldn't go inside. We were a little bit sad because it is wonderful inside. How pretty those photos could be.

Anyway, there was this other part, nothing special, on the outside of the castle and we went up the stairs to take some pictures. It turned out pretty good. I like it :)
I have more photos, but that will be in next post, hehe :)

I have that feeling again when I feel like a crap. When I don't do everything I want to, I'm not consistent in doing things I want to accomplish and it's like I'm wasting my time. I admire people I follow when I see how consistent they are and how they grow. When you can see their improvement and that they are moving in some way in life. And that's the part where I feel like a failure. I don't want to be negative here, but I want to know is this a normal part? When you start working on yourself, changing your perspectives on life and changing your habits? Will everything fall into place eventually? There's so much I need to change in my life. For example, eating more healthier, doing yoga every day, writing a blog every day, establish quality morning routine...
 What switch needs to happen to me so I can be and do better?