Sorry, not sorry for so many photos. I couldn't decide for just a few. I really like how they turned out. 
It's very simple outfit. I should buy myself more different and interesting clothes. I always go for basics and something I know I would wear anytime, anywhere, anyhow. But my goal is to get out from my comfort zone, which means more incompatible pieces into one amazing outfit. Will see ;)

It's so late and I'm so tired. But I have that positive vibe and want to do things that make me happy. I want to be constant in the things a want to succeed in. Always looking to improve my habits and routines.

Btw, it's so hard to write in English when I can barely think in Croatian.

It's time to do another "what I'm grateful for and happy about today"
  • The book, "Girlboss, I ordered from Book Depository about a month ago, finally came today
  • I went for a coffee with my friend after my work
  • She bought me a book for my birthday (which is for about 2 weeks), and I'm so happy. It's in English a well. I really challenged myself to read as much as possible in English :)
  • Today I wore my leather jacket from Zara for the first time. I felt special and pretty. You know that feeling when you wear something for the first time? Can't wait to style it more and take cute photos for my blog and Instagram.
  • I bought myself some cute sheet mask for my face. Will try it tomorrow.
  • Did my nails cause I wipe them out on my job today. But now they are small and freshly painted.
That's it for today. Until tomorrow,


  1. Love that t-shirt!! I'm the same, I also tend to wear very basic pieces all the time :P


    Seize your Style

  2. Thank you :)
    I totally understand you :P


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