My obsession with taking photos of beautiful buildings, #sorrynotsorry, hahah
 This is for sure multicultural city. All these buildings are coming from different cultures. All of them are renovated and preserved. It so amazing, just walking down the streets of the city and feeling the vibes.
One thing I don't like is that they don't have a variety of Cappuccino. They just have classic one. Which was a little bit of shock for me, ahah. I'm used to all kinds of flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, irish, nougat, coconut, wintery, double choco, blah, blah, blah...hahah
And the waitress stared at me, all confused when I ordered cold, chocolate cappuccino. And I was even more confused when she said they don't have that. 
This is the only thing why I would not love to live there. Or should have some Cappuccino diler to  supply me with the chocolate one, hahah


  1. videla sam na storiju kada ste ise :D lepe slike!

    what shoes to wear on spring:


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