I always get "down" for holidays. I'm craving for some changes in my life. Today I sat down and went through my saved photos from the collection on Instagram. It helped me. What do I want? I want happiness and laugh. I want always be on the go. I want exciting things to happen all the time.
I loved to be alone. Go to the walk alone. Be alone with my thoughts and get my shit together. I still need that time for myself and always will. But not that much as I used to. I want to have that person by my side, to go for a walk with him. Or just laying beside him in the evening. Or on days like this one, on Easter or Christmas or any other holiday...To visited our families, to go for a walk together. Or even just two of us to go somewhere nice. Some get away. How nice. I'm done with just have family lunch and after that laying down on the couch all day because my family doesn't know how to enjoy life. Or cause my friends live far away from me or have their loved ones who spend their time with. I want completely different life and can't wait to live it the way I want with who I want. Can't wait to create it.  

I want to share with you some of the quotes that lift me up:

I know this it 100% true because I know some of the examples and constantly follow their work. But, I don't know where I get wrong along with my path? I want to have that clear. But everyday work on myself will show some results. It can't be any different. 

 I think everyone has big dreams and see themselves somewhere in life. But while we are growing up, they told us all that is impossible. But it isn't. And the second photo says everything. Wow. Everyone should remind themselves every day on this one. And then, the job will start to be a hobby, not the job. 

This one is the reason why I'm typing this post, on Easter evening. And why I will do some more work for next posts. And not crying how though life is. Because it isn't. 

 I don't know how will I create it. Or what will I create. I don't need to know that, right. Something will happen, I know. Something that isn't old and everyone is doing it already. 

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