Hey you :)

How was your day? Mine was fine. I worked from 11 am to 6 pm. So basically, all day and I didn't have time to do something special. But when it comes to training myself to improve my habits, I'm doing good. 
My favorite part, when I come home from work is taking a shower, put a face mask on, make myself a coffee, grab a book and sit outside to enjoy a nice weather. And ofc, my cat beside me, carefully guarding me, hahha. He doesn't like to be held. But he will always be somewhere near me. How sweet. <3 I know which tattoo I will be tattooing next, can't wait :)

And when it comes to my today's title...That's something I strive to. I really don't want to present myself like I love fashion and that's it. I want to have something smart to say, I want to be an example. You know, when you don't have to say much, instead, showing people by your own examples, life choices and lifestyle so to help and inspire that way. 
I don't want to be someone whom others will just admire, but someone who can show others that they can do it too. I hope I'm going in that direction. As always, the time will show me.


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