A thing that came up on my mind today was, everyone has bad days. Days when they just feel like a crap, when they are self-doubting etc. I will take for example people on social media, which I follow and know how successful they are and how their success comes bigger and bigger each day.
My question is - how do they maintain to stuck to their jobs when they feel for nothing? And I'm talking about people who run their own businesses or work from home.
I'm talking about the girl who is smiling on her photos on the blog and below the picture, she is writing how she cried that day and how much she's got to deal with her problems. Or a Youtuber/vlogger who is regular in posting videos on her channel but also struggles with herself all the time?

Everyone is dealing with their love problems, school and studying, family, career, what you wanna be, where you see yourself, how to accomplish goals and so on.
But when it hits me, I just want to shut everything down and hide from everyone.
How should I be able to write some positive post here, a.k.a pretend that everything is great and without problems, when it isn't and I'm dealing with myself on a daily basis? And that refers to almost everything. How should I do anything with a bad mood?

Are they really strong persons?
Is it because they do what they love, so it some kind of a way out from a bad mood?
How can others be regular in what they do, even when they not feel so good and be good at it?
How to still be in a mood for doing something when you can't move from lying position on your couch?
How to explain it when you switch from good to bad and from bad to good mood several times a day?

I think that's it for today. Xx


  1. Hey babe! I totally agree, I think everyone feels that way sometimes, especially now in the current state of social media. What I try to do when I am feeling down is hang out with people I love and do something completely easy and fun, like play scrabble or pictionary! Its fun and takes your mind off everything too. Hope you have a great week <3
    x Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

  2. Amazing!!

  3. Social Media has taken everyone to many levels... just now I was disappointed with something and a friend said "post it on soc med... it will calm you down" and I was like "huh??? really???
    I think its good to keep it a lil low sometimes, love your write up!
    IG @grace_njio

  4. Hey dear!
    Loved the post and already followed you!
    I want invite you to visit and follow my blog back <3

  5. Svi mi imamo loše dane i to je nešto normalno što dokazuje da smo živi i zbog kojih još više cijenimo one dobre. Svatko ima svoj način na koji se nosi s lošim danima, npr. ja se isplačem i bude mi lakše.

  6. I honestly don't understand my mood sometimes too. Everyone has problems and we all got our own ways of dealing with them. I hope you get to find yours. :)

    Joy to the World


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