It's been a while since I did this type of post and there's a lot of new photos I found inspirational. So, here we are. I think this time you will get to know me better. For example, I don't like drinking. If I go out, I like to have one appropriate drink and that's it. I don't like to force myself with drinking one drink after another just because everyone does. But my goal is to enjoy a good glass of wine every night, every other, or whenever I will feel like having one. Just like on this photos. I can imagine - a glass of wine while reading a book or cozy evening in while having a dinner, sharing a glass of wine with my loved one and just enjoy. Big yes to that.

 You already know I'm a big fan of a coffee. Having delicious coffee in cute places is must have.

Wouldn't mind having this kind of a view while chilling on my balcony, drinking coffee (or a wine). :P

 More interior design and cute places. Yes to that!

This one is from Kristin Sundberg's Insta story. How beautiful is it? So clean, cozy and calm. 

 Some outfit inspiration, ofc. I desperately need a new bikini. This one is really nice.
And this quote - it's not about expensive clothes, but I want to be independet. Not waiting for my boyfriend (or husband someday) to support me financially.

 Some travel inspiration and a quote I find on Mimi Ikonn's Insta story ;)

 Okey, now I see that even in this photos, couples enjoy the wine. Everything I was talking about at the beginning. How nice. Definitely my thing, hehe :)

And for the end, one quote that hit me hard when I read it. 

Hope you liked this post and found some inspiration for yourself as well. :)