Yesterday, Nikolina has had her promotion. She graduated in radiology. So we went to her promotion in Zagreb. After that, we were starving and went to eat when we turn back to Karlovac. Everything was in a rush and crowded, so I didn't take a photo with her alone. We just have photos with other two friends. I avoid posting photos with others, of respect for them. You know how it all goes.... And that's the main reason why there are no any photos with Nikolina in a toga and cap, with a bunch of flowers, hahah. But then we came to the point where I figured out I have a lot of cute photos with her. <3

Every day my mum and I were going to my brother and sister in law. My nephew is so cute and is growing so fast already. It's been a week today since he is born.

Something I realized today was how great my life is at the moment. It's Wednesday, middle of the week, we were all together, on the balcony, drinking coffee after lunch, Adrian (that's my nephew's name) was sleeping in a room, we were watching him on a monitor (amazing thing when you have a newborn). Nobody was in a rush or anything. That's how I want my life to be every day. I was so grateful for that. I still am.


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