Impressing, right?
Mimi Ikonn post it the other day on her Insta stories. I took a screenshot of it and decided to share it with you, in case you don't follow her. If you want to follow her, click here. This woman is amazing.  She accomplished a lot and has a lot, but still, so grounded.
Her family travels a lot, they have been in so many amazing locations. They work hard, but they do what they love. They have so amazing lifestyle. But yet, they have these dark thoughts and tough moments just as everybody. 
Some people, from my circles, who aren't worldwide popular but have an amazing lifestyle and are achieving their goals every day, step by step are in the same position.

The main thing, that causes thoughts that you aren't worth enough is social media. We are constantly looking posts and stories of others and have a feeling we are constantly somewhere behind. That's why I tried not to be so much on social media. It really can be devastating for your inner peace and happiness.

I would love to share my life, give advices. Not just share some cute pictures and present my life as a perfect one with x number of filters on photos. But I'm not out from my comfort zone completely to do that. But I know I will be there :)

What do you think about what she said?