Just as I said yesterday, I took a walk in nature. It felt so good, in nature, birds singing, sun, trees and a book. I got this one for my birthday. I wanted this book because I love to read when someone writes a book based on their own experiences. Nothing hard to read but so funny. You can read it in a one day if you want because it's full of photos and somewhat text, but very personal. They are more for relaxation and fancy. I like it :)

 And then the sky. So beautiful. Nothing better than a view like that.

 Okey, here we have a few of my cat. My egocentric child. <3
 There's no place to sleep like a stool, hahaha :)

 Moe relaxation.

 Me the other day, It's finally time for dresses :D

And these little ones. Sirian hamsters. Their mother escaped over the night so we needed to take care of them. There were 14 of them. That's a looooot. Unfortunately, none of them survived. They were too small and they are sensitive, in general. I was really sad that day because I have had a hope we will manage to save at least some of them. They were so cute.

That's what happened in the last week.
I'm writing a post I said I'll be writing, yesterday. So that will be up tomorrow. :)


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