I feel so not myself these days. That's not normal, haha. I'm trying to put myself together, but I'm so lost. I want to do what's need to be done for my blog, to finally do some proper job. I want to get used to take at least an hour every day and have that feeling like that's my part-time job. But at the same time, I want to do this because of myself, not because of free things or money, etc.
Sorry if I'm repeating myself constantly. I guess I need to remind myself to this every now and then.
Every time I decide to do some blogging, I could sit all day, like frozen, thinking about it, but still not moving. Or even better, postpone it because there are some other things it needs to be done before that and just like that, the day went by, I didn't do anything.
Why is it so?

Now, while writing this, I'm asking myself am I bored with all this negative stuff. But, on the other hand, I'm just letting my thoughts out. It's better then pretend that's everything perfect and bright when it isn't.

Back to the thing..what about focus and consistency? Is that something it needs to be built?  Something you need to work on? Something you will fail over and over again until you master it?
 I think I would go for a walk now, to enjoy this day while it last and then back to blogging. I need to sort things in my head. About what and how I want to write my next post. I think it will be about my progress through April, what were my goals and how did I accomplish them. Just to summarize everything to see what I need to change in June. And maybe it might be helpful for some of you.