I went to shopping on Tuesday. I think I will take an outfit post today, with one of the combinations I bought because I'm totally in love with it. Gosh, you could spend a lot of money on clothes now. So many beautiful pieces. 
I'm searching for kimono, That's the only thing I couldn't find this time. But I will find it somewhere because I have so many outfit ideas on my mind with it.

I should start to learn for my exams. I'm so close to the end and I can't wait to finish my uni. I can't anymore, hahah.
Anyways, I'm going to study German and then catch up with Nina. In the evening I will go to see my little nephew with my mum. He's turned 14 days yesterday <3


  1. So excited to see your new outfits! Shopping can be expensive but it's so fun xx

  2. Wau zvuci kao bizi raspored, znas koliko dugo zelim te patikeeee :))) prelepe zar ne?!
    Nadam se da ce ti se dopasti moj video, u pitanju su super saveti za oblacenje! volela bih da cujem tvoje misljenje u komentau 

  3. Perfect outfit for going to shopping. Love your sneakers!


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